Decorating and Survivors Pt 2


Today I am writing with nostalgia on my old childhood bedroom. I wish this picture didn’t show what a disaster my bedroom was but unfortunately this is what you have to see. I lived at home and had eclectic taste in the furniture in my room. I used what ever furniture in the house so it wouldn’t have to be put into storage. 

Even today I have a houseful of eclectic tastes and this is fine I just love the fact that it is eclectic. I wouldn’t change it for the world. What a wonderful bedroom it was for me in the home I grew up in. I didn’t decorate with the exception of what was on the walls currently.  

Many of us have a difficult time trying to find the right decorating ways to furnish our new home. I have chosen a simple way to do it but right now I will eventually have new photographs to go up in our living room of my wedding and engagement and eventually of family photographs.

Survivors in Disasters have a whole lot more to do when decorating. Sometimes it will go with the style of home they bought or have built. Built to accommodate their entire family. To accommodate their new lives. Their faith and what they value.

Decorating can become very very expensive, yes it can. Yet many of us cannot afford a professional decorator anyhow. It is way to expensive so many of us have to decorate on our own.

There are a few places that I have found very beneficial in decorating:

1. Kirklands Home — They have whatever you want and need at reasonable prices. In fact if I could I would go in and check there for some items for my home depending on what is in for the season.

2. Hobby Lobby — oh I could just get lost in this store. They always have a sale going on each and every week. It includes framing to knitting to decorating objects and picture frames.

3. Wayfair  is an online store which pretty much has everything but it will depend on the pricepoint and what you want exactly.

Life before and after a disaster are drastically different when you have a home to decorate plus having to deal with all the other aspects of Survivorship.

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