Top 10 Decor Ideas On A Budget


Here are 10 Ideas to Help others Decorate their homes after a disaster:

1. Picture Frames — Pictures are a part of our life. Everyone needs picture frames to put those special pictures in and reminders of who we are.

2. Candles — a wonderful housewarming gift, and a way to make the home smell gloriously wonderfully. I am blessed to have gotten my candles from my home. I still have them all. In good condition from a disaster.

3. Throws — throws add color to the homes. Color to the living rooms, bedrooms and many other places. What more can I say?

4. Games to play – many homes there are shelves that are our in the open with games that are popular with the family.

5. Books — Books are popular especially with having a coffee table, there are those that are meant for a coffee table, along with decorum books.

6. Fake Flower arrangements — these can be beneficial for many items and others. They lighten up the room, place color in a room.

7. Chalkboard walls — This is a new idea in which the wall is painted with chalkboard paint which makes the wall like a chalk board and your child can leave pictures for you on the wall and have a place to draw permanently.

8. Paint on the Wall can change the mood in any room. It can help or break someone. This is beneficial to anyone, but also help those who need help with somethings. Especially the elderly.

9. Knick Knacks — anything you collect can become your decor, but remember never to crowd your shelves with anything. It will not look cool or anything.

10. Decorate many things with Washi Tape. This is tape that very decorative. It can be as childish or adult that you want this. it can also be used with many other ideas in this list to decorate them with.

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