Decorating + Survivors Pt 1

Decorating and Survivorship

Survivorship and decorating. There comes a time when a survivor comes home to their new home. A home which is their own and they can do whatever they want to do with the home and how it is decorating. Now granted this is the first home my husband and I are in. (Please see my getting married story and my wedding posts  for background information.) I am slowly decorating this home and coming up with new ways to decorate.

I am also new to the decorating world. The Shelf in the picture is a memorial to the 22 May 2011 storm that changed my life. The picture in this picture was something that was never ever hung in my childhood bedroom, but now it hangs in the home my husband and I purchased.

Since Survivors struggle to get everything, and what their styles are. Many change styles after a disaster because it is hard for them to imagine what to do with such an empty pallet. An empty pallet that they do not know what to do with. Many times they are taking their time to figure out how to decorate their homes.

There are many homes in the Ground Zero who had homes completely decorated from the Extreme Home Makeover when it came 2+ years ago. The other homes also have had other not for profit decorate their homes. Whatever this case maybe, let me remind you it is hard to get back the pictures that were hanging on the wall and everything that goes with it.

Decorating after loosing everything is not the easiest thing to do. Especially after much of the homes have been destroyed or not much is left. Yet this can become an amazing feat. I am one who taking my time to decorate the way I want and this includes painting. We do it in our own way and just love it.

I am a simple person trying to find my way in decorating my home with no experience these things take time and  as I share please remember it isn’t always easy to decorate from a survivors perspective. They have emotions to deal with in which everyone assumes they are okay when in fact they are struggling to  get their life back in order plus do what is expected of them. It is hard from this perspective, please remember to help them each and every step of the way, even if you hear a story over and over again.

As I close in this last paragraph, Survivors have a very important job. They get their family into the best home they can either afford or build, and begin with a new pallet. A new life. A new routine. A new decorating style. You help but not chose the survivors decorating style. You love on them. Love them every step of the way. Love them for who they are. Lend a simple voice, a voice of affirmation and encouragement to help them with their new life and home.

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