Small — Five Minute Friday

Today is where many bloggers join up together and

1. Write for 5 full minutes on just one topic/Prompt

2. Grammatically, backspace we cannot do, it comes from our heart

3. We all Join up @ Lisa Jo Baker

Today’s Prompt is: Small

Small. Small in this life we sometimes feel so small that it is insignificance. Small but our Big God cares for us. He knows that we are specialchildhoodhome1 in His sight. Small but mighty powerful with the Word of God behind us each and every step of the way. We have His Word which is big, compare to our small little lives.

Many times it is difficult to understand why God did what He did. Sometimes it is the small things that count other times it is large stuff that will count. Small sometimes is God’s Way of getting our attention in many aspects. Small as in like a sudden change in money or funding, but God always comes through in the End. He Always comes through, no matter how large or how small it is. He comes through. He comes through at the least and most unexpected times. He comes through when we need him the most. A small person with a big God. A God who is all consuming Fire. He is large and in charge while we are small but what we do with our smallness and His plan for us can be pretty big. He beakons and calls us to what we need to do. Sometimes the working in the background of our lives.


Now it is your turn to join in on the five minute writing spree, and join with Lisa Jo Baker, and link with her blog.

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