Modesty,Swimsuits, Survivors + Disaster PT 4


Summer is what children look forward to each and every year after school. Lately it seems that children have to go through whole lot. They look forward to swimming with their friends. 

They look forward to cookouts plus pool parties. They look forward to many things. Swimming is a part of every child’s life. They love the feel of the water. They love the splashing. They love every bit of it. They love the sun.

In the summer of a disaster some families have the blessing of having a swimming pool Modestyin their backyard when they arrive @ their temporary home. They are able to enjoy the swims and everything that goes with it. Yet as parents we need to let our children know that they need to wear what is God-honoring and appropriate for what the family believes. Sometimes a family will have a set of beliefs but do something totally different by what they wear.

We as Christians are the light of the World. We shine the light of Jesus everywhere, and one place is the swimming pools where we frequent. We love to swim, but we as Christians need to be aware of what types of swimsuits we wear tell guys to look @ us. Honestly, I want my husband looking @ me. I want him to smile and tell me how cute I am in my swimsuit. (Yes, my husband has said it, and that this polka dotted swimsuit looks nice) I know this suit looks like a dress, but here is one thing. It is appropriate, and very comfortable. I am particular about what type of suit I wear, but also wanted my husband in on the decision too.

As I write this, knowing that there are other out there who agree that modesty is the best policy especially if it concerns our girls. We want them to be dressed but also protecting them from what could draw them attention all for the wrong reasons. I am blessed with growing up in a family who knew what modest was and a school who wanted to protect the girls no matter what.

What is your choice about your daughter’s swimsuit?

Is it a modest one piece suit or a two piece suit?

What have you sought God out for when you choose your swimsuit?

Is your family beliefs different from the way you dress? 

10 Questions to Ask before Purchasing the Swimsuit…

1. What would Jesus say about this Suit?
2. Can my family afford this suit?
3. What would the guys do if they saw me in this suit?
4. Is this suit God Honoring?
5. Will I cause any of my Friends to Stumble wearing this suit?
6. Does it honor the modesty rules my family has set down?
7.  What does this suit say about my faith?
8.  Am I pursuing the things of the flesh or those of God when I purchase this suit?
9. Am I doing this for attention?
10. Am I willing to compromise for a better suit? A suit that Honors God?

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