FAB Smile Review + Giveaway

I have had an awesome opportunity to review FABSmile.com Campaign. I have been compensated through Mom It Forward Blogger Community and FAB Smile for my open and honest opinion of their products. 

when my family and I returned from our vacation my FAB Smile had arrived in the mail I was hopeing to take them with me on our trip to Alabama in order to Try it and enjoy the products.

I received the Following Complimentary:#FABSmile

4 toothbrushes for adults and 1 Child’s toothbrush 1 Whitening gel for whitening and 5 New flosses.

The ones my husband and I used, were the microtip and we enjoyed them. They were soft on my teeth and I just loved it. Yet in life there are Things that make us smile. My husband making me laugh. Holding my newest nephew. Watching my stepdaughter play her clarinet. And so much more. Children being able to answer questions from their bible story.

Well anyhow there are 4 different packages with  #FAB Smile

Package #1 Adult and floss Package ( $1 per month per family member)

Made in America Micro Tip

Compact Soft Dome Trim Bristle Design Interdental Bristle Bristles

Floss is made in America, Mint, Waxed, 60 yds, Shred REsistent, clinically proven.

Package #2 – Youth Floss and Brush Package ($1.00 per month per family member):

Made In America

Micro Tip Compact Soft

Dome Trip Bristle Design | Micro Feathered Bristles| Interdental Bristle Design

Floss is made in America, Minted, waxed, 60 yds, Shred resistent and clinically proven.

Package #3 – Kids Floss and Brush Package: $1.00 per month  per family member

Made in America

Micro tip, compact soft

dome trim Bristle Design, Micro feathered Bristles

Interdental Bristle Design

Floss is made in america, Mint, Waxed, 60 yds, Shred Resistent, and clinically Proven

Package #4 — Adult Brushing and Whitening Gel Package — $2.00 per month per family member

All the perks of the Adult Brush

Gel Made in America

Same High -Quality sold in Dental Offices

Uses Carbamide peroxide

Fast Results

Gel Contains Postassium Nitrate, which help eliminate sensitivity.

**Only $1.00 shipping per person. Orders of 3 or more brushes Free.

FlossandBrush.com‘s toothbrushes are very top quality, and very age appropriate, and the dentists approve of them! I am in love with this product. What a wonderful product for our Families.

I can remember when I was younger and my uncle who was a child’s dentist took care of my mouth, and I can remember doing the best that I could brushing my teeth, but it wasn’t enough, yet I firmly believe that this product is worth it.

It is now your turn. You will get a chance to win a 1 year membership, and this is what you will receive:1 Free annual FAB Membership (every 3 months, a new toothbrush, and 3 month supply of flows will arrive @ your doorstep), plus 1 Free Annual FAB + White4Life Memberships (it includes not only a toothbrush and floss every 3 months but in each of the shipments will include FAB’s professional grade whitening to be used in custom whitening trays)

Here are the 2 Requirements

  1. Visit FAB’s Pinterest page (http://bit.ly/19dHBUa) and repin an image from any one of the “Smile Boards” that makes you smile. Include a description in your pin that explains why it makes you smile. Include the #FABsmile hashtag in the pin. Come back to this post and share the link to the pin in order to enter for a chance to win.
  2. Sign up for FlossAndBrush.com’s mailing list: http://bit.ly/17Tjoof.
  3. This will Run from Aug. 14th @ 1:54 am to August 21st 12 midnight, anything after midnight will not be accepted. On Thursday August 22nd I will go through and pick a Winner. 

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