Modesty and the Survivor PT 2

As I venture into the unknown territory with this week’s posts about Modesty and the survivor of Natural disasters. This can seem rather difficult with a survivor. weddingdressSome are teens, and some preteens. This can be difficult especially if you have to go somewhere to just get clothes they need until you have the right clothes they want.

Walmart honestly in my opinion had some very wonderful clothes for women, as far as I could see for the older women, and there are some for teens. Let me remind everyone that when you salvage, it cannot be done in sandals, high heels, and extremely nice clothing. These clothes are clothes we need to get dirty and grimy because you will not want to have your nice stuff all ucky.   Remember that salvaging for your items/stuff should be done with decency and dignity.

Many times it was hard to find stuff, and let alone items that were in your closet that is just gone. I know it seems hard but please remember that modesty is the key. There are in fact dress guidelines you should follow when going to volunteer to salvage or perhaps volunteer in.

1. Always wear Long sleeves because you do not know when the micro stuff in the air will cause a reactions

2. Wear sunscreen no matter what there is no shade whatsoever, therefore sunscreen will help protect your skin from burning.

3. Wear long pants when salvaging, it will save your legs from being burned to having cuts on them etc…

4. Be an example to those around you how you dress when you salvage. It is easier to see what other will know and understand.

5. Honor God with you clothing choice, because it is a difficult time for the survivors.

As the salvaging slowly draws to a close remember how you have been an example to those who have needed it the most. Needed the example before them. Survivors are one of those examples. When they know things need to change, and their example.

God has a special plan. His plan is so much better than ours. His plan is so much more unique to each of us. He wants us to honor him through the way we dress and how we present ourselves to each other and other unique items. He wants us to represent Him in such a way that our light shines extremely bright to those who need him. We shine like this to the volunteers who need Christ. We Shine so bright that we truly reflect him. We shine so bright by the way we dress to honor him. We shine like the light that is lit for others to see.

God guides us through His Word.faithcircle A word that Defines us through the impossible Things we go through Through the Good and bad times. We shine so bright. We are reflecting him through the way we are being and dressing in this hard time. Modesty doesn’t stop when a disaster strikes it is something that continues on toward many areas of our lives. It is there no matter what.

When we chose to pick Christ’s word over the things of this world, we shine. We reflect on the hope that isn’t seen. A hope we have in Christ. A hope that everyone yearns for. A hope that we display through every portion of our lives. We display this no matter what. God brings everything through us and in us.

New International Version (NIV)

נ Nun

105 Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path.

God’s Word is a light to our path, and yes, it even broaches modesty. We need to be modest no matter what. We also need to display this in all of our situations, and the how we display them.

Are you willing to show the light of Jesus in how you dress?

How will you display Jesus to a survivor who is struggling?

Are you willing to be modest in the disaster zones?

What choice is yours?

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