10 Important Modesty Tips

1. Be Smart when choosing clothes.weddingdress If you are smart in choosing your clothes, and know what you can and cannot wear things will go easier with parents or husband.

2. Be smart when picking your swimwear. For you do not need eyes looking at your body who do not belong to you or your child’s. A nice one piece or two piece can be found at certain stores. Yes you do have to look. Land’s End is one company that can find the best swimsuit for you.

3. If it screams attention on Me! Me! of course it will say, look at me. Look what I look like. Be care of clothes that scream this, for it get unforeseen eyes looking at you.

4. Do not wear anything short short. Wearing Short short clothes give a signal that you want attention. All goes to the physical aspect never who you truly are.

5. Shirts that are extremely low cut will give more attention to your chest than what you desire. You want men/boys to look you in your face not looking @ your chest.

6. Skirts that short like short shorts are not very modest to women/girls. Yes they draw attention to elsewhere on the body, not where you want to be known as or anything like that. You want men to look you in the eye, not on places where you have their eye drawn to.

7. Remember this is someone else’s wife and daughter not belonging to you. Henceforth dress like you want to be treated. Dress in a way pleasing toward God not toward man.

8. Shoes shoes Shoes. What we women love are the shoes. Some just love High Heeled Shoes other love flats. Remember High heel shoes are great for many things, please pair the right shoes with the right outfit. If it doesn’t have to use high heeled shoes, then find another pair.

9. Pants/Jeans/Capri’s There are many types of pants out there. Many times we chose what we want to wear by our shirts or what other top you would love to wear. Holes makes someone look like they are sloppily dressed, and yet it is the style of today’s clothes. Choose wise again as to what type of clothes you want to wear.

10. Makeup. Make up is something we women do to enhance our facial features. Many times it doesn’t have to be a whole lot. I am a simplistic type of person who wear minimal makeup, not a whole bunch. I like that.


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