God’s Word and The Survivor

God’s Word is very important to the survivor who has survived a natural disaster.

A presentation edition of a GOD'S WORD bible

A presentation edition of a GOD’S WORD bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is one book that is always strong and the same despite each of the circumstances we have. God’s Word is never-changing, and remains the same. He will continually hold us in His hand throughout the whole entire time and everything. His Word is amazing. He will continually speak to us through the entire process we have of those who may not realize that He controls everything.

God Word States that He stays the Same. He is the same yesterday Today and Forever.

New International Version (NIV)

8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Throughout the entire journey that I have been on with recovering and becoming stronger since the tornado, it is with God’s Word which has enveloped my life from the time I was young til now. His word is very specific and to my heart. What a special time to grow in His word after going through a disaster. He is the living water.

While many times those who have gone through a natural disaster do not remember sometimes to take the time to be in His Word due to their adverse circumstances. It is a must for any of us who have a relationship with Christ.

There is no other person i’d rather trust my life to that my saviour Jesus Christ who has brought me through many things. He has Cared for me throughout pretty much my entire life. He became the rock that I stood up upon.

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