Five Minute Friday — Lonely


Today I join many bloggers @ Lisa Jo Baker for a writing challenge and prompt to write for five minutes straight, with just writing. We don’t check grammatically, or anything else. It is just a challenge to write for five minutes on whatever prompt she has given us. 

Today’s Prompt: Lonely

Time to Set your Timer for five Minutes and to just write.

Lonely. Just what can many see? Many see a lonely introvert who is trying to bust out of her shell. Many are seeing a lonely survivor trying to write her story to get the word out. Many are also lonely in marriage. But back to the Survivors.old_rotunda_200755 Many times we are very lonely and need someone to speak to about what we have gone through. We have a time in our life when being lonely has impacted our lives. Survivors also feel it too, because much of today’s times many don’t know the feelings of survivors. Yet there is one person who does understand the lonely person, and this person Is God. He is the one who created them to eventually get the word out of what He has brought them through. They may appear lonely in this life but He hasn’t left them at all. Many who have a relationship with Jesus may appear lonely but they have Christ with them. He is there no matter what. He is there through the hardest of times. He will not let them go. He knows what it is like to be lonely. He went through it just before the cross, and while on the cross for us. He has walked the road we have gone through as survivors.

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