Conclusion of Back to School Plus Disasters Pt. 4

Yeah! The conclusion to the first series I have ever written. It is amazing as to how and what the families who have survived disasters have gone through. They have many things stacked against them, even before the next school year arrives.listen They struggle and move on to get ready for the next year and help their children move on through the upcoming year.

Time will tell how these families have made it through. They are able to help their child through their anxieties, and to heal them further.

Please remember that each child will differently than yours, or perhaps mine will. They will yes have a bit of a struggle. Through prayer and preparing your child for the next year.   There are resources out there to help with your child as they head back to school.

Listen to the parents teachers please as to how their child is dealing with coming back to school after surviving the disaster. Teachers who have also survived the disaster know your heart and what God wants you to share. Help the children know that they are safe. If they are struggling come spring with the Tornado drills, notify parents immediately please, this will save everyone some grief and some heartache for this child/children.

As I conclude, This upcoming year might be difficult for those who live in the disaster zones. Moore Ok has had their hands full in getting ready for the upcoming year of school. They have also come a long ways in getting ready. The example of Joplin Missouri is what has helped their school system come together and get the year ready for their students.

Right now, two years post tornado there are some signs showing up in the Joplin Residents who have survived the Storm. Moore OK needs to pay attention to this because some of their residents may display some of the same anxieties when storm season comes around again.

Let us as a nation come together and pray for those who are struggling in the midst of the disasters. They need the strength to move forward both emotionally physically and mentally.

Will you be willing to pray for the survivors of the disasters?

Will you be willing to pray for the Moore Oklahoma students who go back to school?

Will you continue to pray for the Joplin Residents who struggle still 2 years later?

What is your choice?

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