Back To School& Post Disasters Pt 3

HopejourneyI know I know third post and disasters all in the exact same week. 

We  as a country have had a lot to deal with when the destruction of several towns have taken hit by tornadoes. 

We have had to scrounge around to get things ready for the next year but wonder how we are to do it. We have to get school supplies, We have to get everything brand new. This is the time of year when school supplies lists are out. When the children want to get something special because of how cute or fashionable it looks. 

Your child no matter the age it seems that it has to be the most perfect first day of school outfit no matter what. They want it to look good and look right on them. As a parent, you want it to look modest and not inappropriate. 

This is much more difficult to do in a disaster type situation. Money it tight, and your child want expensive clothes. 

What to do what to do?

1. When going to pick out clothes, remember does this honor God or am I drawing attention to my self?

2. Are you actually going to wear this to school? If not then do not buy the article of clothing.

3. How much does it cost? Be prepared with a clothing budget when you head to shop for your children. Remember once its budgeted to stick with the budget

4. Pray before you head into the stores because God’s guidance is very important as to how you shop for your clothes.

5. Let your child look through everything. If there is a store they have outgrown, then try to find the right store for them. 

Life for our children will circle around the school years, and yes before we know it they are flitting away to college and then into marriage. 

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