Heading Back To School Post Disaster pt 2

The next issue with children coming back to school in a disaster zone is the anxiety of coming back. Coming back to where they were scared of the storm and/or tornado. 

Schools will be in preparation to prepare students for storms and protection from the tornadoes that destroyed their homes. They will be putting in safe rooms throughout the entire school system or placing the students where they need to be in the right place for the tornado and everything. 

When going back to school for these children, they should have/will have counselors to talk about what had happened to them there. They will be on hand with to talk with the children who have lost, and survived the storm. This is one thing they will be ready for. 

Next will be the new building. Hoping your children/child will enjoy a new setting. Unfortunately some children do no like a new setting or a new place when going to school. Going to a new school for children is hard for them, but yet if as a parent in the spot that you are in, pray with them to help them understand that they will hopefully soon return the school they were in. They just have to rebuild it or put it back together. 

Several things to do to help your children get ready to go back to school in a disaster zone:

1. Remind them that Jesus is always with them. God's True Word

2. Pray with them before you head into the school, and remind them of the good times they will have that first day of school

3. Go through GriefLessonSeries and God’s Peace = My Peace 

4. Memorize – 

5. Have a family worship Time Before you head to school where you and your children sing worship songs to help them for their first days back

6. Tell your child that when they are afraid to trust Jesus —

7. Write a note and place it in their lunch reminding them that you love them and are praying for them

8. Remind your child/children that they will see their friends in which they haven’t seen all summer long

9. Have a special breakfast commemorating the first day of School

10. Celebrate the first day of school with a special snack afterwards

I know that the first days of school for any child no matter where they are at in this moment in time that it is hard, but when you know and pray that they have an easier time with the first day everything else will go smoothly. 

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