Heading Back To School After a Disaster Pt. 1

In the days following the Joplin Tornado many things had to be done. Schools that were there before May 22nd were no longer there, including East Middle School which was one of the newest buildings. Children had no place to go to school, the high school was not safe nor was there any books for students to learn. Click Here to watch the Surveillance camera disaster footage from May 22nd.

In essence it was going to be a long road back to getting what Joplin Needed for the upcoming school year. Yet God had a plan for Joplin to be a shining light out to everyone.wpid-joplin541.jpg Joplin needed text books but it would have been too late for them to show up for the school year. Still donations were coming in left and right.

United Arab Emirates a small country in the Middle East rich in wealth donated Mac laptops to the Joplin High Students for the upcoming year and for the following years. When there is no school books technology was the way to go. Yet these computers are for the students classroom work only, not for any type of social media.

You see at this point in time everyone across the whole United State were pitching in to help the Joplin Schools get back on their feet. This included the company I had worked for. Books were being donated by a book fair that went on all summer. These books were shipped to the Joplin Store to go out to the Joplin Schools. On the other hand many parents bought books their children preferred to the ones that were being suggested.

God knows what each city and/or town needs when a disaster strikes. They need to know that He is watching over them. He has and knows what their parents plans are even if the parents are not followers of God.

Moore Oklahoma is going through the exact same thing Joplin has gone through again, but remember they are also taking care of their teachers just as Joplin has been doing. Sometimes these teachers need a boast of confidence in their lives. They need to know that they are loved and wanted. Teachers many times buy their own items for their classroom, and to lose them is very very difficult. They need to know that God has everything under control and that they will be able to find things that are even better than what they had before.

God truly cares for the schools, yes he may not be allowed back in, but he finds ways to go back in. He finds ways to truly help out the schools when there seems to be no way. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and yet he knows what they need. Each and every step of the way. He knows what they need. Donate carefully please when it comes to this. Donate wisely and ask God what he wants you to give. Give humble. Give with your heart. Give to the area of the schools that you know need it most.

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