10 School Supplies For Children

Here are 10 Things that children just love to get to go into their school supplies:

1. Crayons. This is something that we all enjoy as children. Yes many use the actual Crayola label while some families can only afford the off brands. Large Utlitiy Tote With BSF Supplies in It

2. Markers. Markers are used for everything. From coloring to outlining.

3. Pencils. Pencils are normally the wooden pencils in which they have to be sharpened. Yet many children/teens are wanting the click pencils that come with lead (honestly I love them myself).

4. Notebooks. Notebooks are a staple for the older children. This is which they store all their materials in for the semester/year. Hopefully keeping it in order and being prepared for notebook checks if their school requires them.

5. Spiral Notebooks. The following notebooks are normally journal notebooks for English and are required for other types of classes.

6. Erasers. What child doesn’t want a gazillion erasers for school? I know I had several erasers for school because they were either taken or misplaced.

7. Notebook paper. The loose leaf kind where the teachers want their students to write on and to turn in assignments. Be prepared for the type of paper the teachers want.

8. Pens. The pens are a must need for certain classes. Many times the child would much rather have a gel pens (even when they say no gel pens) than the normal ball point pen.

9. Lunchboxes. For younger children the lunch box is what they want to see. They want the best one, nicest looking one. There are many lunch boxes out there, including one from Thirty-One Gifts ( I use a pouch for BSF lunches and it is a blessing).

Thirtyoneutlitytote10. Backpacks. The bag to carry everything in. The one that has to look right. The one that has to be perfect. The one that will make them look popular. Be sure it is strong and sturdy for everything your child has to carry.

Parents as you shop for supplies remember to donate to a local organization to help with students who cannot possibly afford their own school supplies. Shop for a child who needs them. I pray and hope Moore OK is able to have enough donations for each child to get a new backpack with everything in it.


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