Celebration 100th Post — My Wedding Weekend

It is hard to believe that I am writing my 100th post. I guess writing 2 months straight on the life of a tornado survivor is worth it all.

Today I want to share with my readers today. My wedding dress.My Wedding Gown This is a simple style. Much like who I am today. I love simplicity. Yes I tried on everything in between from a ball gown to a Mermaid style dress. Yes I am simple, but there is a significance behind my wedding. I married 7 Months after the Joplin Tornado destroyed my childhood home. I didn’t have the luxury to go back and spend one last night in my childhood home as we all dream about but we were in a home that blessed the socks off of us. Yes it had enough room for the many things that were transpiring for our family at the time. I was able to celebrate my wedding with elegance and simplicity. How I put those two together is a God thing. It was a Winter Wonderland Wedding. I wanted what was to take place a joyful family event for my family. I time to rest and relax while enjoying the moment.

Yes even my cupcakes for our wedding were the way I wanted them to be.

visit CupcakesbyLiz @ www.cupcakesbyliz.com for a complete take on her cupcake business

visit CupcakesbyLiz @ http://www.cupcakesbyliz.com for a complete take on her cupcake business

A significance with What the theme of the wedding was to be like. A way that I enjoyed it. In fact I prefer butter-cream frosting over fondant and thankfully i didn’t want that either. Our fun and enjoyment over it all was nice with simplicity. Simplicity where it was us spotlighted and God all at the same time. This cake was while with vanilla butter-cream frosting and pearls all over the place with snowflakes. Yes we cut the cake but didn’t eat it for our 1 year anniversary, but that is okay, we can always get a cupcake when we can now. Yet even when the storm took her store, she did this specifically for my family and she walked the same path we took too. She lost both her business and her home. Liz Walker did an amazing job with the cakes and everything.

This is just for the cakes I had chosen. Mark my husband wanted to get groom’s cakes. He was very particular with them too. Alabama Crimson TideHe wanted them one for Nebraska and one for Alabama Crimson Tide. So  yes we had a bit of red incorporated into our wedding. Tying together the fact that the Big 10 and the SEC were coming together for this one. I had chosen to go for BAMA, since I married into a  Crimson Tide family. This is the Alabama groom’s Cake, along with the red incorporated into the winter wonderland theme. I just loved how the theme came off with an enjoyable time with everyone. How our guests loved each and every moment of our wedding. How a survivor who had survived one of the hardest things in her life married the man of her dreams. Yet it is how he took care of me. My Mark is definitely a keeper, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The Altar where we would be untied This shot to the left is how our altar was decorated. Simple but yet it was unique. Not much but it was the way I wanted it. There was no runner because I particularly didn’t care for one at all. Before the ceremony even began, and later the on rehearsal dinner night blue lights were added behind it to set the tone with what I had wanted. Blue (periwinkle) was the color of the bridesmaid dresses, while the groomsmen wore silver — along with a navy-man and coast guard in uniform.

This is my family on

   This is my family on the Rehearsal dinner night At Hacketts a local restaurant that serves up the best hot wings. Mark and I had spent summer eating out here frequently while were dating. We thought to have the Reception here but It would have been way to crowded for everyone to come here and enjoy themselves.

                                                                                               This picture right below is of the family in which I married into. SN850111They are all dear to me. Dear to my hearts. I am thankful to call them my family…:-) They have accepted me for who I am and everything. So grateful for them. They had a blast here in Joplin. They found out that we have a wonderful church family and that this is home. A home we loved and enjoyed. I have such a blessed times with them, from going to the beach to dinner with them. Family is near and dear to my heart. How else can I put it.

I thank you for allowing me to show what my celebration of my 100th post is. I wanted to share bits and pieces from my wedding in Dec. 2011. Thanks for reading this an enjoy!

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