Five Minute Friday — Story

Today many bloggers are getting together @ Lisa Jo Baker  for Five Minute Friday. In Which we will write for 5 Minutes on a story prompt given to us on Friday. 

1. We write for five minutes straight with no grammatical checks, spelling checks or anything of this nature. 

2. We start a timer with 5 minutes on it and just write what we are seeing

3. We then post it and hook it up to Lisa Jo Baker and visit a few blogs on the exact same post we have written to encourage others along the way.

Today’s Prompt: Story


Story, well what do you think of? A story of fantasy where the prince always gets the girl or something of horror? What do you realize that our lives are not even close to the fantasy lives.Hopejourney We have a story given to us by God. A story he has written since before time. Since before anything ever came to be. How many times do our stories differ from each other? All the time. We have a story that is uniquely ours. We have been given to us by God. Given to us to share. 

Now not all stories are fun or anything. Some of our stories have abuse in them, struggles, and yes, recovering from a disaster. Somehow we get them out to the nation of women who need to read and learn from our story. From one to another. From one to many others. We share what we have learned by our quiet times with God. With our one on one times with Him. 

He is highly involved in our stories. Highly involved. For it is God who highly organizes our stories into His ultimate story of the cross where we all come to. We come to the cross and integrate it into our story. We share God’s Story of Love and care to the world through our own stories. We write God’s Story into our story. We write. We tell it. We know that His story is the ultimate story for the world. 


It is now your turn to share your five minute writing on Story and hook up @ Lisa Jo Baker




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