Joplin: The Miracle of The Human Spirit by Mark Rohr Review

Joplin Miracle Of the Human Spirit

Joplin The Miracle of the Human Spirit by Mark Rohr is a first hand account of the Joplin Tornado take from the city officials of Joplin Missouri.

Mark Recounts in vivid detail as to how he kept his family safe to those who have been hit by the tornado. Mark kept so much on his plate during the first year to two years after the Joplin Tornado hit. He was involved in the rescue efforts from the very beginning. Mark is Joplin Missouri’s city manager,and this is his book on what the steps were taken for the recovery of Joplin Missouri. He dealt with every type of aspect in the recovery aspect. In fact, He had post it notes for ideas detailing the recovery efforts.

Anyhow, that night as Mark described it was unseasonably calm( for my Mark and I plus bug it was unseasonably calm) it was the calm before the storm hit. The calm before mass chaos hit. The calm before Joplin Missouri hit every paper in the World and for the weeks to come. Mark’s priorities were to get all those who had been hit by the storm to be in temporary homes very soon. In fact here is a statistic for the insurance in the disaster zone aka ground zero 57% didn’t have insurance or were under insured. Many homes in the disaster zone were rentals and some like my families were insured. FEMA was coming in but they chose not to come in with mobile units until the first frost (6 months not good), but Mark spoke up and said they needed to come in earlier so that the families could have a place to live.

Even with all the steps/tenets in the Disaster recovery efforts and being in one or two and quite possibly three steps of the disaster recovery efforts. Mark systematically kept his staff in line and made sure that the right news and right stats got out even when they struggled to convey the right message.

In another instance Mark was working with the “Extreme Home Makeover Joplin Edition” and there was alot of work getting ready for the team to come in and make this possible. The details are so much in this part and very hard to write down.

I will give this book a Five Star rating because it showed me as a survivor that Mark Rohr did what he could do to help the survivors in everything. He did quite a bit. He worked many many many hours to help Joplin Become the city that had it’s human spirit become a miracle.

Now I do realize that many things may prevent you from reading this book, but it is a worthy read. Check it out at your local library or purchase HERE. The proceeds from this book is directed toward Joplin’s disaster recovery efforts. 🙂