Managing Your Health During a Disaster

Your health is vital and very important to you during this time. As a survivor, your life will have different stresses upon you. You have to salvage your home, and while doing that being very very careful to take care of yourselves.

With everything you do, please be careful.

Cough manners

Cough manners (Photo credit: pinelife)

There is a cough out there known as tornado cough. With the microscopic debris in the air, you will cough on site but once clear of the debris field you will no longer cough. It can be very difficult to work with these types of conditions. Therefore anyone with with asthma, bronchitis, or emphysema must take precautions. As an asthmatic myself, we need masks that will protect our face and enable us to breath. Be careful when shifting through the debris field.

We as humans are built by the creator to withstand certain things. This can be crazy I know yes. There will be times adrenaline will rush through your body and use it wisely and well. Sometimes it may be with you at night where you struggle to get to sleep. Allow your mind to be active but then slowly pray scriptures that will allow you to sleep.

As many of you are facing the desert, I understand. Yet sleep is very vital to your recovery. I have found another blog that has this same theme about being in a desert and has Scriptures to help you fall asleep. To The Desert and Back where there is a PDF for Sleep called Sweet Sleep Scriptures, and you can find them Here.


As I write these from a survivors perspective. Your health is important to you, your family and your children. Fathers please be sure to keep an eye out on your children during this time. Talk with your family about how God has you in his hands. Remember that your family is very important, and they need attention, and even young children need the attention too.

Volunteers also need to know that their health is very valuable. They also need to take care of themselves while out serving those who have gone through a disaster. Remember to be prepared for anything.