10 Things you Wish other Knew about Being a Disaster Survivor

1.  God is our friend. He is the one in whom understands us. He has never left our side. He continually cares for us no matter what. His word is what is sustaining us. He Sustains us through this disaster. 

Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

2. God’s Word. This is the way he communicates with us. It is our source of STrength. It is our life. It is who we are. We are growing into a person He wants us to become. We are molding through him. 

3. We all recoup at different ways. Not one person is the same. Let us grieve the way we need to grieve.

 4. We may have all experienced the same thing “get over it” It something that needs to be said differently not in an expectant thing to just get over in the middle of the day or night.

5. Work may be the hardest thing to get back into full gear. We don’t hit the feet running. We have been running for 2 weeks on a different emotion. 

6.  We will process things differently. We have to process our emotions differently. We are wired differently. So we process Things differently. 

7. Let us be able to talk about what we have gone through. Let us know that it is okay to speak of what has happened to us. Whether we verbalize it or not. 

8.  Do not pick on us. We are people too. We have feelings. We have Emotions. We do not need the extra stress right now that you are placing on us. 

9.  We need time to rest and get ready for the next day. Please allow us to ease into our work environment again. We will struggle if we are pushed around. We perhaps may buckle.

10. Have counselors there if needed to talk about what we have gone through. It is needed. No Matter if corporate is there or not. We need someone to talk with who will keep us in confidence. Not someone who yells at us. 

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