Trusting in the Everlasting God

Trusting in the Everlasting God. The God of all Creation. Jesus who was fully God and Fully Man. He is the one who helps us find our voice when our voice needs to be found. He is the one who walks beside us each and every day of the week. He gives us what we write about.

I know that hearing from a survivors perspective is very difficult, but it needs to be voiced out there. There are way too many survivors who needs need to be spoken of.

Flowers Fall, but the Word of Our God Stands F...

Flowers Fall, but the Word of Our God Stands Forever (Photo credit: Old Shoe Woman)

As a natural disaster survivor myself. God has been my strength in the weakest of times. He has always been there. He has not let go of anything just yet. He is right beside me. Today and forevermore. Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever.  He is the rock of ages. The is the one in which we raise our white flags. He is the one in which we sing praises to God. Hymns are written for Him. Hymns to praise Him. We need to praise Him in these times. Praise Him for the marvelous works he Has done for you and for me.

We are but grass that wither and die, and and Yet God’s Word Endures forever—> .

I may have lived through the EF5 Tornado that struck Joplin in 2011, but with the Graciousness of God, I am lead to help others who need help in coming through the natural disasters they have been Through. It is never and easy journey nor easy road, and yet those of us who know the risen Saviour have an awesome voice to be heard.

I have heard of survey that has atheists College Students. Read Here for More Info. They wanted the Word of God to be lived out in their lives. They want to see us Christians truly being honest about our lives. The power of God sometimes is so hard to describe sometimes we have trouble, and yet what about the authenticity of us who walk with Jesus?

How Authentic are we?

English: NOAA satellite image of a thunder sto...

How are we shining out our light?

What do we do to shine out the light?

What do we do as survivors to bring those who truly don’t believe to see God in our Story?

How do you present your life to the world? Authentic or “Good” ?

Where do mentor those who need a deeper relationship with God?

Do you present yourself as one Workman who is approved?

Survivors have a voice to share who the one true King of Glory is. We can tell of his great power. Tell of His wondrous Works.

Joplin is a town of Miracles. A town that Has glorified God in the recovery from an EF5 Tornado that destroyed a third of the town. A town that faced the inevitable but By The Grace of God we became a shining example to the Country, with the power of God to overcome such difficulties. We have had the strength to over come many things. Even the bumps in the Road, God brought us through each of them. He had never left our side, even at the worst possible moments.

While families were looking for their loved ones. Will Norton — a bright young man with such a future. Even in His death, His family kept their Eyes on Christ and Glorified Him.

Glory to the one Creator.

Another young man whose death brought glory to God was Chris Lucas, who was trying to save 20 + People in the Pizza Hut on Rangeline. He gave his life so that others could live, but unfortunately no one made in this pizza hut on Rangeline. He did what He could to save others, but the Storm was too strong for any human to keep a door shut.

I know many of you struggle to listen to this but Joplin has been leaning on God in so many different ways. Families are brought much closer to Christ. Families are now living a true believing faith in the life they now live.

Let us pray that the other survivors come through their grief. Let them come and see what wondrous work God has prepare to do in Their lives.

I praise God for this opportunity to write out my story along with other ideals to Glorify Him. He brought me through this, and I will glorify Him in it all.

Thanks so much for allowing me to write my story, and yes more memories are coming up…

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