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Five minute Friday is where many bloggers gather together to write on a prompt from Lisa Jo Baker. This is also where we are to write with no typing back the backspace button, not going back to check, grammar spelling, and anything else that has to do with writing. We will set a timer for five minutes and just write. 

Today’s Prompt:



Broken, a word used to describe so many things. Broken lives. Broken hearts. Broken dreams. Broken lives from a disaster. 

I remember this clearly as if it was yesterday.

Childhood home destroyed, Tornado/storm in the background

Childhood home destroyed, Tornado/storm in the background

My Nephew, N, who was 3 at the time the tornado destroyed Gramma and Papa’s house (mine too). My brother described the home as broken. So N went around telling all his friends that Gramma and Papa’s House was broken. 

The best part comes next. They came down to see us a few weeks after the storm, and after my brother and his wife spent their vacation salvaging it. Caleb, my brother, told N, that they were going to Gramma and Papa’s House. Little N at the time asked then DId they fix it? 

How precious is this. A house thought to be fixed by a three year old. A house that would have never been fixed again. 

Yet Jesus is the only one who can fix everything for us. He fixed our lives when we need it most. He is the fixer of all things. He is the creator of all things. He made the EF5 tornado that broke the home I grew up in. He in his infinite glory is who, brought glory out of a broken situation for many. 

I smile as I write this today. Even when it.


Now it is your turn to write on this prompt of Broken. 

What is your ideas of writing on this prompt. 

I look forward to seeing many of them. 




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