Insurance Lists

Insurance can sometimes be a pain and depending on who you are with can make it even trickier. The insurance policy is detrimental for any homeowner.

Esco Glandon, a renter, lives at Bridges Chape...

Esco Glandon, a renter, lives at Bridges Chapel on land that will be islanded by the Norris Dam reservoir, October 1933 (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)

Renter’s Insurance is also detrimental to the renter. We have to have them no matter what. We need them.

Insurance also makes you write out a comprehensive list of your home’s content list. This task honestly is not the easiest task at all. We write out what was in our home and in each bedroom. This is not easy as i’ve said before. You get things messed up and forget items believe me i forgot items as well. Not fun. Yet it is crazy.

You begin with the big items and slowly work your way to the smaller items. This is not fun. Yet who would have believed that there was well over 4000 books in my room alone? Ever since I was a child, I had loved loved books, and they were my friend for it was how I escaped the stressfulness of life. It was who I was. My school friends can say that I always had a book in tow. My colleagues in college knew I always had a book in tow now matter what.

I am also grateful for the fact that we don’t live in the olden days where fire insurance, and other insurance were something totally different and each insurance company had their own firefighters. You can still find these symbols in the deep south where the old historic districts are. Just a side note of history. Yet this is unique.

Everyone also must know what their homeowners policy contains. You must know what your insurance will do. Even understanding it too.

Besides the insurance part being a very stressful part of a survivors new life. We need to lift them up in our prayers because this is where honesty can become an issue. God knows the heart of people. Those out in sheep clothing but are truly wolves.

We need to be wise with everybody we deal with. Some are out pretending to be sheep but are truly wolves. We need to be particular with everything. Particular with how we present ourselves to the world. We as Christians are called to be different, but not the same as the world.
What is your choice?
Are you willing to be different?
Are you willing to Trust God?
Will you listen to his discernment?
Will you be the light when you deal with your insurance company?
Will you shine the light on Jesus instead of you?
What is your choice?
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