10 Things to Do About Your Experience

1. Blog about your experience with what Disaster you are associated with. There are plenty of sites out there to set your blog on. Such sites are: WordPress.com or WordPress.org. Blogger. and many more that I have yet to mention.

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2. Put a facebook page out there as to what your disaster is and how you are overcoming it. This page you can upload pictures, write notes, and many other things. 

3. Google+. Is another social media site that is like a facebook page in order to get the word out as to how you have come through everything. Pictures. Links. Circles of friends. 

4. Tumblr. Tumblr is a website that is like a blogging site. It has pictures. Links. and whom you follow. 

5. Flickr. It nothing but photos. This is possibly the place to go so you can express your self in Pictures. If words you cannot put into words. 

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6. Journals. Journal may seem old fashioned but it is your journey and your new life and what you have come through. Write it in different pens. Write it in different prints. Use scrapbooking paper to make it seem different. 

7. Scrapbooking. Many times you can scrapbook your memories. Many companies have digital scrapbooking materials. I know creative memories has a digital scrapbooking materials. If this is not you with the digital, then the regular paper scrapbooking would do you wonders. 

8. Put together pictures of what it was like at your old location showing shots of the home, and then place new shots of what your life looks like now. These photo frames are meant to go on the wall for display. 

9. Have a journal set aside for friends who have helped you along the way. Have them write what they have told you verbally so you can remember what was said to you, because it will bless you beyond belief. 

10. Collect all the cards that you have received and put them in a small one ring binder. Display this binder on your coffee table in your new home so others can look through it and see how people have cared for you. 


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