Belong Five Minute Friday


Five minute Friday is finally here. Today I write with no grammar checks, spelling, not hitting my backspace key or anything of this nature. Yes, I also set a timer and write for five minutes, no stops or breaking points.  I will link with Lisa Jo Baker and then visit a post right before mine. Simple? Yes it is simple. 

Today’s Prompt is Belong. 

Here I Go:

We want to belong. We want to belong to a certain group as a child. A certain group as a teen. Belong to the right group as a college student. Belonging to the right organizations as an adult.

Belong can mean so much more than this. Belong to Christ, and knowing that we are his. Psalm 100 talking about His sheep belonging to Him.

Psalm 100

New International Version (NIV)

Belonging to the king Of Kings and Lord of Lords. Sometimes we try to hard to fit in with our worlds surroundings than with the surroundings offering us by God. 

Sometimes I just want to belong to right linky parties when I blog. Hoping people will realise that those who belong and speak out for survivors on their behalf. I belong to this group, but most importantly I belong to Jesus. I am one of His sheep. A sheep of His Pasture. Belong to the faith. Belong to the Lord. Belong as a Child of God. I may belong in odd places but thankfully I can witness with what I have been given to witness. 

Belong to the survivors of Disasters whom belong to the Risen Lord, as a sheep.


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