Rebuilding of Survivors

Survivors have a unique task in rebuilding their lives. Yes, some take longer to rebuild their lives than others do. Some are so caught up in their grief that it is hard to recover in such a strong fashion. I know of some survivors who are struggling to get their lives up and going again. They were unable to deal with the horrible night. They wanted to be alone together as a group. 

This picture is taken in the Parking lot of dude's Donuts. With a shot of a partial barren landscape.

This picture is taken in the Parking lot of dude’s Donuts. With a shot of a partial barren landscape.

The survivors have so much to rebuild in their lives. I know because I have been there. They have to find temporary homes. They have to get the necessities of life. They have to get furniture. They need a computer. A Tele for watching on the down days. 

Yet there is only one person who helps the survivors in their Grief and rebuilding, and this person is Jesus Christ. He came and walked the paths of survivors long before we came on to the picture. He walked a path of hard things, and we would in turn be able to  lean upon someone who is greater than what we are. He is the one who rebuilds us, molds us, and shapes us into who we are to become. 

Just because the Storm took everything I knew doesn’t mean it took away from everything else. A new life after a disaster is new. Just like the Christian Walk is newly formed after accepting Christ. Or perhaps a newly formed walk in light of the tragedy. Plus a deeper walk for those who have faith in Jesus after the Tragedy.

We rebuild the homes. We rebuild the Routines. We rebuild the quiet times with God. We rebuild it all. Not just bits and pieces but all of it. It may come in bits and pieces, but it is a slow rebuild.

We all remember playing with Legos, I know I did. Where as you built a home with the blocks, but were very specific in what blocks you used.

Lego House progress 2

Lego House progress 2 (Photo credit: Sarah_Ackerman)

Sometimes it was the thick blocks or thin blocks but it had to be the way you designed it. It was always the way you wanted. Now imagine Legos scattered everywhere with the furniture you meticulously built. This is what a tornado does to your home. It scatters belongings everywhere. Not just in one area but everywhere. Survivors salvage what they can get, and sometimes it isn’t much or nothing.

Our lives our like lego blocks too. We make connections with our families, which could be long narrow blue lego blocks. We make connections with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit which can mean the white blocks. We make connections at church which will be represented by the green lego blocks. We make connections with our government which is the red blocks. Yup I can go on, but As we rebuild and walk a new path, remember with grace as to how far you have come. Rebuilding life isn’t going to happen overnight but in a gradual process.

I plead with others to give those a chance to reconnect with you. Reconnect with them with grace kindness and gentleness. (Remember the Fruits of the Spirit!) Reconnect with as much understanding that you know. Reconnect with a new perspective.

Remember always to bring forth grace to the table, with no preconceived ideas.



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