10 Fun Things to Do as a Family In a new Beginning

1. Play games that you all enjoy such as bananagrams, apples to apples, monopoly, life, and any game you can get your hands on and age appropriate for your children.

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Swim. Enjoy being out in the sun. Enjoy the time to reconnect as a family after a hard time the first month of summer.

3. Movie Night. Pick any type of movies genre depending on the ages of your children. Pick a Disney Night Marathon. A suspense Movie night for time as a couple. Pick and old fashioned Movie night. Let each memember chose what type of movie night they want see. Let be as budget allows.

4. Go to a drive in theatre. Watch the Drive in theatre movies come on. See which ones pertain to your family in what you permit in your household.

5. Water balloon Fight. Pick a day where you just want to play outside in the sun. Have a water fight. Have that whole entire afternoon be filled with nothing but water.

6. Pick a day to go to an amusement park. Let your stress level down and enjoy an amusement park. Pick the right park for you and your family. Say you want to visit Silver Dollar City or White Water in Branson, Mo. Or perhaps Disneyland. Do this if permissible.

Silver Dollar City

7. Have some families over to fellowship with. Everyone who knows Christ needs fellowship. We have fellowships to encourage each other along the hard roads. This also draws you closer together.

8. Pray one evening together as a family. This will allow you to relay your burdens to God. He will then give you peace and comfort and the steps to move forward in new direction as a family.

9. Play with sidewalk chalk. What is more than playing with sidewalk chalk and drawing pictures on the concrete? Well, besides getting all chalky up?

10. Last but not least. Enjoy a day of Tech free. Which means no ipods, or any music item. Now momma’s I believe can have their kindle or nook only If they are reading and nothing else.

What would you add to this list?

Epcot Ball at Night

What would be your favourite thing to do?

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