10 Unique Ways to Recover

Top Ten Tuesday — Ways to Recover

1. Have friends over with whom you can celebrate life together with. This was something that was done constantly in the temporary home we were in. 

2. Swim. Yes I said swim. Swimming as a family unit along with your friends help the bonding time of the family along with the enjoyment of everything. 

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Fairytale Princess Wedding Dress (Photo credit: Raybanstore.uk.com)

3. Celebrate birthdays and holidays together. Celebrating with friends as well as family, brings you closer together. 

4. Life changing events. 7 months after the tornado destroyed my childhood home, I was married, and yes three weeks later my youngest brother was married (they now have a baby boy).

5. Take a trip if possible. During the hottest part of July, my husband took me down to Alabama to meet my soon to be in-laws. Which was great for me. To me this was great, and I was away from all the stress that had been bogging me down. 

6. When moving from place to place. Ask the family what can you do to help. This is one area that seems to be lacking when families move from temporary place to another.

English: C.S. Weaver lived in this beautiful h...

English: C.S. Weaver lived in this beautiful home with his large family in Talladega, Alabama. The Weavers were one of the earliest families in Talladega and involved in the merchant business. The house remained in the Weaver family until it was recently purchased by Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind and converted into office space. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Friends need to help with the families when moving.

7. Laugh laugh laugh. Laughter helps everyone relieve the stress that all have been under during this trying time. Watch a movie that makes you laugh, no matter what. 

8. Write down your feelings during this entire time. Whether there are hard things at work, to the simple mundane tasks ahead. 

9. Listen still to the survivor. They also need ears to hear. They need a listening ear no matter what. Help them in their Bible Studies. Help them. Pray with them.

10.  Hug them. Giving out hugs when they need it because it is the best thing for a survivor. They need it constantly.