The Moore Ok Schools — chance to Donate ends July 8th

New school buildings

New school buildings (Photo credit: The Library of Virginia)

Schools are an integral part of everyone’s life. We as children go to school for 13+ years. We go to school so we can go further our education in college.

It becomes a problem when students have no school to go to at the beginning of the year. This is the situation that Joplin ran into when several schools had been destroyed including their high school. There are many things we can do just to help the schools recoup.

Many times there are fundraisers to be held in order to have them.

Many of them you can actually find on Facebook’s own:

Moore Oklahoma Tornado Information

Here is something Cool, for the teachers. There are 3 dealerships who will match dollar for dollar donations to the Moore Tornado Teachers.

Blazer Motors 

Moore Auto Sales

Unique Motor Sports

Affordable Pool Solutions 

Restore Moore:

From Restore Moore: Project Teacher:

We are excited to find out that not only are 3 car dealerships in the Moore area matching dollar for dollar up to $3000 this week, but another local company has joined in as well and will also match dollar for dollar up to $1000. This makes a potential total of $,000 being matched. Thank you for joining us, Affordable Pool Solutions.
Between now and Monday, July 8 your donation will be DOUBLED by Blazer Motors, Moore Auto Sales, Unique Motors, and Affordable Pool Solutions. PLEASE SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Also, head on over to these businesses pages and like them as well.


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We love a good challenge and this would be a great week for you to make a donation. Remember, we now have a “make a donation” tab where you can see our PayPal link,<—click to Donate! PO Box address, and bank information. You can also find it in the “about” section of the page.

Teachers who have lost everything for their classrooms need a lot of help getting back on their feet replacing all of what was lost. Lost teaching items everything. Again they are coming up against something they never planned but are going head first in their upcoming school year which begins sometime in August.

Let us join in prayer as those who are beginning the long road back to leading children in the classroom. That they will be stronger for the next year. That you will pray for them and what they need done. Pray that the teachers are enabled and that the nation comes forth to help them get everything they need.

Please continue to watch the Moore Oklahoma Tornado Info, and the Restore Moore pages for more things to do to help the survivors.


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