Freedom in The Journey through disaster!

Fourth of July. A holiday where we get to shoot off fireworks

Photograph of the fountain at the Fairhope Mun...

Photograph of the fountain at the Fairhope Municipal Pier in Fairhope, Alabama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and enjoy our families company. A time where it seems to be the hottest time of the year. Yet this has been the case for the Joplin Area the past 2 years. These past two years we have seen temperatures in the 100s and climbing. It wasn’t always easy with the heat that high. Nor with those in 2011 still salvaging for their precious belongings. Not easy within their new lives slowly trying to get back to normal. Slowly learning to get on with many things. We learn that we are stronger as a city as a nation. Yet as we celebrate we must also thank God for giving us this freedom to let us worship where we want to worship. As we follow our Saviour through the journey, and bring others alongside of us. There’s freedom in the cross. He (Christ) took the debt we absolutely couldn’t pay.  He paid it with his life. He died on the cross for our lives. He sacrificed His own life so that we may live in Him.

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