Rebuilding a park

Parks are central families throughout the year. They are what brings us together for picnics on the Fourth of July, Small Group Parties and a whole bunch of other things to bring us together.

Yet what if one of your parks was lost to a natural disaster?

Victoria Park, Sydney

Victoria Park, Sydney (Photo credit: State Records NSW)

What would you do?

Would you rally behind it and rebuild it?


Here is a unique way to help Moore Oklahoma rebuild their Veterans Park. A simple vote to help them receive the # 1 spot in rebuilding their park.

Joplin received this honor a 1 to 2 years ago. Now it our Turn to help Moore, Oklahoma achieve the same thing.

Both Cunningham, Parr Hill Park were both destroyed in the Tornado that hit Joplin two years ago. This time it is our turn to help Moore Oklahoma rebuild their Veterans Park.

Parks are where we celebrate with our families and what we enjoy as a pastime.

Parks are where the children get to run and have a blast. They get to run away from the troubles that plague them.


These Families deserve to take their children to a park to play and get out all there wiggles. Wiggles for them to have fun and everything else that goes along with many things. What more could you wish for.

Yes, we can vote to get the park back and everything. We may want to win but only God knows the true Winner. He knew even before the Tornado hits.  He knew. His plan will supercede anyone else’s plan. His plan is forever, man’s plan will only last for a few seasons.

How many times do we take parks for granted? Many times, but you truly never miss them until they are gone. It like life for us. We are here for a season, but gone like a vapor of smoke. Here for a season like a flower, but withers away.

Let us wither away with a blessing toward those who need it the most. Those who are in need of a normal life. Those who have had a hard summer. Those who just want their children to begin to laugh again.


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