Rhythms and Survivors

We all have a rhythm of our own. Yet those who survive a disaster their rhythm is unique for a few years. They struggle to get into their rhythm of rightful sleep, work, and family life. Rhythms that God has give us are very unique. They are unique to each person, and to their personality. Yet some of the rhythms are an extremely loud drum, banging out the other vital instruments. Yet some of us are quiet people who play to the beat of the classical piece we are orchestrated to play.

smaller version of rumba clave in 4/4 and 12/8

We love how we play in the orchestra of life that God has given us. Well the orchestra changes through out our lives and everything else. It changes even more-so when a natural disaster occurs and then the music changes. It is dark for awhile with light parts to it. Light enough to be heard but quiet enough to hear certain parts. A survivor has life, but not like the life they had. So their rhythm slows down to a point of largo, and mournful tones. Not a rumba or a fast type orchestral piece. It is slow for quite a bit of time, but as life moves on it picks up to a faster speed and God slowly opens the decrescendo to a crescendo.

Each piece of the orchestra just like our life, is similar to a music piece. A piece that describes us fully. It describes us so well. The piece began at the beginning sounding like Gershwin’s I’ve Got Rhythm I’ve got sunshine, who could ask for anything more. Or it started out with Tchaikovsky Swan Lake or perhaps the beautiful Nutcracker?

As the orchestra convened on stage. You wait in anticipation for the first sound. You anticipate it so much that it surprises you what they will play.

Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco (Guadalajara...

This I do know for sure is that once the rhythm is off just slightly in our lives God always has something so much better for us.  Something that We cannot comprehend. We do life so differently than most people after the disaster, but life isn’t over. Yes we have lost our house but not our home. It may be the hardest part of your life but what is worth it is the life we get to live. A life we get to take part in.  A new life waiting for us.  A new life planned by God’s plan but not our plan.

New International Version (NIV)

13 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

We have different ways of speaking to each other. Sometimes we do it out of love but other times naught. It is hard to differentiate it when we speak, and sometimes a volunteer cannot even tell whether you are loving or not. In this passage, we need to love them, and not be a resounding gong or cymbal to anyone who has survived. They sometimes struggle with many other areas and don’t need this from fellow believers.

Work on the other hand can be a totally different picture. There many work environments can be of the world, and some of faith. Yet these work environments are not always easy to heal in the environment you work in. My work environment was not helpful at the time. Stress and everything which to a great extent threw my rhythm off in the orchestration that was in my life. It seemed like it was the minor key of the piece playing making the piece not sound as good as it was in the major key.

What Rhythm do you want to help with a survivor?

Rhythm changes A section in C About this sound...

Rhythm changes A section in C About this sound Play ( help · info ) . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How will your rhythms influence the survivors orchestral piece?

How often are you going to interrupt their piece?

Place your rests (advice etc…) when they need it not when you need to say it.

Listen to the rhythm they are in and compliment it with your rhythm. Not over influencing their rhythm.

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