Pets and Disasters

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Pets are a very big part of our households. They are always near and dear to us. Then the unspeakable happens. A tornado rips through your neighborhood destroying your home and what life was like for you. Yet what about your pets?

Life in Tornado ally can be heart-wrenching when it comes to our pets. They struggle to along with us. They are always beside us not matter what. Many of these pets of ours end up in shelters. We try to find them. Yet there are hundreds of them.

Pets and Disasters are hard things to fathom. They have it rougher than any human. They need love and care as much as our spouses and children need love and care after a disaster. It is sadder when families cannot all be together because of the temporary housing situation. It isn’t fair to the families and pets, and it sometimes is because we have no other choice in this manner.

The Good Shepherd 46

There are many things you can do to ensure you get your pet from the animal shelter, and from the night of the storm etc…

1. Pray about what you should do when you lose you animal during a storm/tornado etc…

2.. Have a picture of your pet in your lockbox with all other papers you need. This is something of course with your animal you will need.

3. Have the papers on your pet to prove you are the owner.

4. Have your pet up to date on all the shots.

5. When you have the chance begin to call the Humane Shelters where you live.

I know this is a hard time for families who have lost pretty much everything. This is truly what matters most — We are all alive by God’s Grace, and He was with you in the storm. He was with your pet. He is with everyone.

His eye is on everyone. Not just you yourself but on everyone. He takes care of us very well.

He tells us in  that we are not even to worry about things. He knows what we need. He knows what your pets need. He even know what you personally need. God will care for you pets, and for you…So trust God and what He has in store for you.

commands us to be still and listen. We need to be still and listen to his voice concerning everything.


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