10 Things you Need when Traveling To a Disaster Zone

These are the Ten things you will need for the Disaster Zone:

  1. Sunscreen — Working in a disaster zone where there is no trees or shelter of any kind.


    Sunscreens (Photo credit: Jessica Wilzig)

    We all need sunscreen to protect our bodies from the harsh burn that can come upon us when working there.

  2. Masks — Masks are vital when working in the debris field. There is a whole bunch of little unknown items that can make you sick or very ill while working in the disasters zones.

  3. Thick- Soled Shoes — Working at individual homes, thick soled shoes are very very vital. They  protect your feet from getting punctured by a nail or perhaps something worse.

  4. Tetanus shot: A tetanus shot is a must for working in disaster zones due to nails, rusted or not rusted nails. Cuts that can get

    tetanus shot time

    tetanus shot time (Photo credit: blakespot)


  5. Heavy Work Gloves for lifting wood that has many splinters on it, in order to protect your hands from not getting splinters.

  6. Long Sleeve T-Shirts for protecting your arms from the debris and insulation that is floating in the air while salvaging, because it can irritate the skin.

  7. Jeans to protect your legs from any type of injury with the homes and basements.  It can be dangerous without the right type of protection.

  8. Hats are a must to protect your head and face from the heat of the sun and the burn of whatever could end up upon your face.

  9. Medicines that help when coming outside  of a disaster zone, such as triple antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone creme, and many others.

  10. Water is a must for working inside the debris zone, for when we work in the zone there isn’t much of a place to give you a respite of cool. We all need to stay hydrated in the midst of working there.

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