Why blog about this experience?

Everyone lives in different parts of the country. The states we live in have different weather patterns. Different climates and everything. Yet we continually hear in the news how a disaster affects everyone.

English: Tornado picture, June 2, 1929, Hardtn...

English: Tornado picture, June 2, 1929, Hardtner, Kansas; Reprint from original negative. original image by Mamie Rathgeber; Copyright by Fay Rathgeber June 17, 1929 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Going through the Joplin Tornado was not exactly on anyone’s list to survive let alone realize that God had a plan for it. We had weather like you would not believe during the time lead up to the tornado. It rained quite a bit leading up to the Tornado that struck Joplin.

Yes, I know I was north of Joplin when it struck.  It was for my protection and saftey. I was safe and not in harms way. As hard as this is to write and say without being a snot so to speak. I was affected by what happened to my house. Just because I may not have been there I was Affected. Many can say I wasn’t affected but I was.

Upon returning to work, I was expected to be able to work pretty much as the way I had previously before the tornado struck. Emotions and recovery is different for every person who has gone through a disaster. Even though I may have gone through the Tornado and survived, there are many emotions that go through you that are hard to muster up and let alone speak about what has happened.

Everyone has different reactions as to what they deal with and how they deal with it. I know of some survivors who struggle with thunderstorms and everything in between.

Many who may not realize how difficulty recovery can be from a natural disaster or any type of disaster. It can be easy or cannot be easy. But with God All Things are possible. He is the one who helps us fight our giants when we cannot fight them ourselves. He is the one to do so. He is the hope when there seems to be no hope. He Is I AM, the Great I AM. He will enable you to heal in your own unique way, yes different than what I have been through, but in a way specifically designed for you. He will bless you with things far greater than what you have.

Last night (Saturday, June 29th) my little family and I drove through my childhood neighborhood. I couldn’t even recognize it, let alone find the lot I grew up on. It had changed and so had I. I was letting God mold me to become the person He wants me to be. He wants me to share these experiences with you who all read this to know that this hasn’t been an easy journey to write my thoughts down and to share them, and I am thankful for how God has allowed me to open myself up and write about a experience that most would rather try to forget or anything else.

Yet we as his followers turn to God’s Word

Bible Study 2

during the hardest times of our lives. We have friends who pray for us. We have groups of people who pray for us. Yet most of all we bond closer to God and what He plans for us.  His plan is always better for us. Yet even when the hardest things in our life hits us, He is there beside us.

I remember waking up before heading to work at my old time, and studying God’s Word in the temporary home we lived in. I wouldn’t give it up for the world. It was the only time I had, amidst the hardest circumstance of my life. They were the only times I was able to get with God, and yes I was still pretty tire while I studied His Word, But I kept continually feeding myself.

What will you thank God For This Day?

What hard things has he brought you through?

How will you praise Him in the Midst of the hard circumstances?

Will you allow Him to grow you through those tumultuous times?