Writing Has Helped My Recovery

Childhood home destroyed, Tornado/storm in the background

Childhood home destroyed, Tornado/storm in the background

I have never anticipated my writings as a survivor take off like it has. Many times during a disaster like in Moore OK, there needs to be another perspective as to how survivors work through their grief. It is hard to imagine what feelings a survivor is going through during storm season.

The Tuesday after the Joplin tornado, the sirens went off, and it was a very hard time. I was in my first temporary house, the basement room and everything and was slowly feeling more secure but the sirens went off. That is when my host family plus a neighbor and me. I was close to the bottom of the stairs, and texting Mark.

When this blog began 2 years ago, I never in my life would have imagined reaching people I am now reaching. Severe Storm is still upon us, but hopefully not to much longer. The Midwest has definitely been pounded hard. Yet we are strong and hardy and will persevere through it all.

Rebuilding again where tornadoes will come across again. Rebuilding in the midst of a nation struggling and being an example of the mighty things God can do. We may be in the Bible belt but we depend on God and what He will do for us. Life is always full of surprises and sometimes they come with tragedies. Tornadoes are a part of life in the Midwest.

At times when you think it is so bad you cannot go on. Remember those who have been hit by a disaster and remember that there are people who would love to be in their home of so many years. Homes built with love and cherish. What else? That we show the love of Jesus to everyone we meet.

Writing about this time in my life and seeing what God is doing in reaching practically the whole world is something so powerful that I could have never even fathom or imagined. God has done wonders and He will still continue doing wonders in all this. As survivors we have been through a lot. We have struggled and grown in those aspects but we still have to deal with the loss of what we used to have. We grieve through the entire process. We struggle through the grieving process. We laugh and cry through the process. 

God wants us to come to him no matter what it is. He is our shield and our reward. He fights the battle for us. He allows no weapon to be formed against us. He will provide a way for us in the hardest of times.  He is our life. He is the brook that never runs dry. He is I AM. He is the all knowing God. He sends angels to protect us. He will make beautiful Things out of the dust. He is the one True King. 

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