Why The Hope Journey

This th street, facing westward toward Kansas.

This the  street, facing westward toward Kansas.

The Hope journey was originally intended for the struggles of one who has gone through the Disaster and has been through a lot.

There is a lot behind this title.

Hope in The Fact that Our Savior Crushed Satan head’s while on the Cross. (prophecy in )

Hope in the fact that our saviour walked the hard road even before we walked the road.

Hope that He is with us even in the midst of our troubles.

Hope for those who are separated.

Hope for those who are divorced

Hope for the child without a mother or father in the home.

Hope for the child who has stepparents.

Hope for the Stepparents with Stepchildren

Hope for the unsaved

Hope for the saved

Hope for the widows

Hope for the widowers

Hope for the Single moms

Hope for the Single dads

Hope for teachers

Hope for business owners

Hope for the teen who is pregnant.

Hope for everyone without a saviour.

Hope for those who deceive like Jacob the deceiver in the Bible.

Hope for those who are depressed.

Hope for those who have nothing.

Hope for the Homeless.

Hope for the Infertile.

Hope for the homeless.

Hope for the driven people at work.

Hope for the deceivers.

Hope for us all. 

Hope for those who have been deceived. 

Hope for those in disaster riven areas.


This journey has not been the easiest journey at all but what everyone needs to know is that hard times in your life will be there. No matter what, trials to grow you. A journey That inspires others to realise their potential. A potential that God gave them.
The Joplin Tornado may have taken some plans away from my family, but with God there was always hope. Living through an EF5 tornado, is something yes. But then you look at God’s Grace and love for His children. It could have been worse but God was there in the midst of it. Growing close to his Children.

…Hope… (Photo credit: ĐāżŦ {mostly absent})

He (Jesus) came down to this earth as a man who was fully God and man. He came to give us hope and a life. He taught His people the deeper meanings of the Old Testament. He came to fulfill the Law. He came to die for us on the Cross.

He came for me.

He came for you.

He shed his blood for you.

He shed his blood for me.

He shed his blood for Joplin.

He shed his blood for Tuscaloosa.

He shed his blood for those hit by Superstorm Sandy.

He shed his blood for Moore.

He shed his blood for El Reno.

He shed his blood for the World.

He died on the cross to bring each of us Salvation, when we choose to take Him into our lives and give him control of everything.

He died so that we could have new life in Him.
He taught us how to die to self.
We die to our-self so that we may live in Him.
What more could we want?
I mean Seriously?
Yes I mean Seriously. 

The struggles of everyday life after the tornado will be different. Different than the everyday routine than what you are used to. Different for a reason that God has much better plans for us. Plans to bless us and not to harm us. 

He is one wonderful God. He loves each one of you very much.

Dear Weary Mom


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