2 Years Later….Scams going on in Joplin


Donations (Photo credit: Matthew Burpee)

It has been 2 years since the Joplin Tornado, and they are still finding scams and everything else that was to heist money donated torward the tornado survivors.

Disaster Relief  funds are meant to go to those who have survived the tornado or given to an organization that helps the survivors in their road to recovery.

With this being said, and the number of disasters that have happened within the past few years I cannot stress enough of who to donate to. We must donate wisely. Wise donations to the right people. 

There are places where donations are okay to donate, but alot of your donation may go torward processing the donation.

Yet you also wonder what to donate to those who have survived.

Gift cards are a so much better than anything else because the survivors can go out and get what they need.

Organizations who take donations for Storm Survivors

These organizations are very good for everyone to donate too. Some are just a nationwide disaster relief fund, but others but money into the disaster relief areas of the country.

God sees and knows what you do. Whether you are trying to take money for yourself or be willing to sacrifice to help those who have been hurt by the disasters. Yet you also need to be careful when you donate directly to the survivors. Some will just keep coming back for more while others are honest brave and free (sorry had to take it from Muppet treasure island), to be honest with you.

Thanks for listening. I know this is the second time that I have covered this topic and expressed concern, but it is now popping up in Oklahoma, and other places. Joplin is now finding out what we have to do to help others without being conned.

Remember our jobs as Christians but pray as to whom your family donates. The donations are needed to be wise, and God honoring. Not honoring of yourselves. Sacrificial giving for the  Christians. Yes we give, but we give out of our hearts and to those who need help.

As I close out.

Remember to Pray before you give.

Give Wisely

Give Sacrificially

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