You, Your Family and God + Insurance

Insurance is needed on pretty much everything nowadays. It is a must need for those who have bought homes and everything. Yet there are renters out there who need renter’s insurance. Insurance policies vary from state to state depending on where you live. Yet when disaster strikes it get interesting.

I remember listing all my contents in my room. I had around , books of which I lost around , of them. I had a stereo, a T.V. , a file cabinet, 2 dressers etc…Listing contents of what you owned was not easy, and never will be because you inevitably forget items and believe me I did. Homeowners insurance, is what saved my family because of the provivison to stay in a temporary home.

Those who have no insurance such as renter’s will struggle. Yet FEMA is there to help you with everything. They provide a place for you to stay, live and get yourself back on your feet.

Insurance is detrimental, The picture above is what FEMA did on land across from the Joplin Airport for those who did not have homeowner insurance. Yet those who lived in the park, were wanting to get back to their own roots. Back to places of their own. Joplin is one strong Town that came back after and EF5 Disaster struck. Strength in God.

Yet many of you have questions possibly about Renter’s Insurance. <–Click Renter’s Insurance to see what says about Renter’s Insurance.

I also  know that survivors will/may have to file an extension in getting ready for tax season next year due to the disasters they have gone through. These things also take time. Everything from the insurance yes will be stressful during this time, but Remember God is there.

While I have mentioned that filing the loss claim from the disaster is difficult. Those of us on the outside unless your like some of us who are lookin’ on the inside with an inside point of view.

This is one major area to pray for survivors. They need to know, that someone is fighting for them spiritually. A spiritual battle that is difficult for them. It can sometimes be hard even opening their Bibles. Pray for them.


The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”


10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;

I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”

 As We are still before the Lord Praying for the ones who have dealt with a disaster. Praying that they know the Lord Their God. Praying they are able to get everything together for their insurance companies. Praying for those who have renter’s insurance and that they can replace everything.

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