Survivors and Walmart Shopping Night of Disaster

Yes, I am writing about the night of disasters and Walmart. Yes many of us do not like going to Walmart, and yet sometimes we have no other choices either.

The Night of May 22nd in Joplin with three Walmart (one was destroyed at this point in time). All survivors were going to Walmart to get the necessities they needed. Including Mark, Bug and I. We had just gotten out of the disaster zone (aka ground zero), and we had absolutely not a clue as to what I truly had clothes wise besides the clothes I had on. Yet before this, my mom and were texting and it was taking up to 30+ minutes to receive an answer. They wanted to meet @ the 7th street Walmart, but we had to take a family to his parents (my dad’s co-worker) in CJ, Missouri. Mark said he would take me to the Webb City Walmart, and He did. So We went back to Mark’s apartment and sat down made a list of everything I needed clear down to the unmentionables.

We also entered Walmart where everything was just chaos just like in ground zero. I am fairly certain that the 7th street walmart was exactly the same. I chose my jeans, capris, shirts without trying them on. I would have tried them on but the circumstances were not that way. They were clothes I would need for the next few days because we were totally unsure what I truly had. (interestingly enough I salvaged most of my closet minus % of my clothes)

Mark takes my phone from me, because Facebook is just going bezerk because of the tornado, and everyone is just posting about what happened. And since I was in shock Mark answered all the texts that were beneficial to me, and deleted the ones that were not. Mark had to find a phone charger that would take my Samsung Blackjack. Mark eventually did find one, but also it was the last one of its kind in the Webb City Walmart.

During this time and slightly before Mark goes and finds my phone charger. Sarah(me) thought I had absolutely everything, but I didn’t. Thanks to Bug (my Stepdaughter) she said out-loud in the store for all to hear you don’t have this, you don’t have that (unmentionables) and you need them. Yes I forgot about all of those items that were a must need.

After we got all the clothes I needed we headed toward the Health section of the store. This is where we purchased everything from combs to items that I needed in the upcoming days. From Midol to aspirin, and everything else in between.

I was going through shock at this moment in time. A huge shocker. It was the day after my birthday, and it went out with a big bang (this saying came later on in the summer). Yet I was just grasping what had happened. I did have my moments of course during these first few days. Tears.

That night cutting off the tags I sat there numb while Mark cooked an extremely late night dinner, and got everything ready to go in the morning. This night he would care for me. I slept a few hours but not enough. Mark — My husband then boyfriend @ the time — was and has always been caring for me. Loving me for who I am, not what He could make me be.

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