Father’s Day

Father’s Day is meant to be a joyous occasion where the daddies in the United States get to celebrate being a daddy. Yet this also like mother’s day, isn’t always the case. I look forward to celebrating Father’s day with my stepdaughter. Who just loves her daddy to pieces. Due to the fact many divorce dads don’t get their children on Father’s Day is very difficult. Many want that special day with their children but Can’t have it. My husband is very blessed to have his daughter (my stepdaughter) to celebrate Father’s Day.

Many daddies love having their children with them celebrating as a family. Some Father’s divorced, or have dealt with infertility, yearn for what other daddies have: children. They yearn for the child in their arms to call them daddy. Yet as they struggle along the journey. We need to be there praying for these daddies who want to have children but can’t have children. It is a very long tough journey ahead for these daddies. They need love care and everything a mother who yearns to be a mother but cannot due to infertility.

As I have spoken, many divorced daddies are able to have their children with them on this special day. Yet this depends on what the custody decree says. Some are able and some aren’t and special arrangements have to be made. Sometimes the arrangements work out and sometimes they don’t. Let us continue to pray for these fractured families because it can be difficult.

Let us also add in the tornadoes that have happened the past 2 to 3 years. This also adds to the toll of everything that is going on with all the families. This requires time, patience, prayer, and a relationship with God to help them through all they have gone through.

Like a stepmother who cannot spend time with her stepdaughter on Mother’s Day, many stepfathers wish they could spend time with their stepchildren on Father’s Day but cannot due to the fact that their children go to their real dads on Father’s day. They yearn for that time to celebrate with them. They yearn to desire a closer relationship with their stepchildren. Some of these stepfathers have children with their wives (who have joint custody with their ex-husbands) and in essence get a Father’s day with their Children.

Each daddy should be able to have a special relationship with your son or daughter, despite the circumstances. Even the adopted children have a unique relationship with their parents. Daddy’s and daughters are close and tight, because He protects his daughter from the necessary evils of this world, and teaches her that God is the God of the house. Daddy’s and sons have a unique relationship, this is where daddy’s teach their sons, that they are the spiritual head of the household. Sometimes it has the mommies and daddies in the exact opposite roll they are meant to be in, but God’s plan and his love for them, super-cedes any human mistake or anything.

God placed his personality in both male and female. He created each with a unique purpose. He created us to love care, and know that He is God.

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