Walking With God Through The Hard Road Ahead

I can do all things

As Survivors pick up their lives. The Journey of recovery is long. It can be longer than the normal recovery is. Marriages also have a stress placed upon them because of what is going on. 

Both my parents, despite the stress placed upon their lives, moved forward for our family. To get things somewhat stabilized, for a 14 year old, a 24 year old, and a 31 year old. Two daughters and one son still at home. But  one daughter (me) and one Son (little brother) were both seeing someone, and for us life was stable. Yet for the 14 year old, she lost everything she knew. Life the past two years have been rough on her. She had a good attitude through it all, but the only thing she wanted was what we had before. 

Life does move on for survivors some at a slow pace others at a fast moving pace. But what about God and our relationship with him?

Some are mad and angry at God for what happened.

Other question God Why?

Others just turn to Him and depend on Him. 

Encouraging Words for the Brokenhearted

Bible Verses for the Tough Times Ahead (1)

I know the days ahead will be tough, but God is there in every step of the way.

When frustrations seem to be at the highest, He is there.

When you and your spouse are struggling where to go next, He is there. 

When your child needs the Stability of a home life — He is there.

You may not seem to understand why or anything. But our God is continually working behind the scenes in our lives including the disasters that strike. He continually watches over his children and what they need. Satan may try to tell you otherwise, let us alone look to God in everything. His word stays the same, Today and forever. He is the one who is in every decisions you make. Making it for the good of your family. 

God is there all the time. It is time to take the burdens to God. He will manage them for us when we don’t even have a clue as to what to do. He will work it towards his glory not our own.

Delight in the LORD

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