Lost Photos From Tornadoes & God Glory in the Main Photograph Event

Lost Photos and God’s glorious photograph of His Glory in Disasters.

Lost Photos of JoplinTornadoes and photographs.

Where have all your photographs gone from a destructive tornado? They would blow hither and fro, and finally rest somewhere in the disaster zone or elsewhere.

The Joplin Tornado has misplaced many photographs from survivors who are still looking for the precious photos of family members and good times. Yet it is hard to find the owners. They have either moved, aren’t on Facebook or anywhere else. As they begin to put their lives back in order, and so they work hard to get that going. They begin to realize that they need their photos and other lost items from before the storm. Everyone has items they have lost and want back. Sometimes it takes a couple of years for some items to be returned, but not always.

Lost Photos of Joplin  <–click here to go to the Flickr website to search among all the photos who have yet to be claimed by owners who need them returned. Lost Photos of Joplin even has a claim form for returning photos. Yes you can even claim them in person. Now that is dandy!

Moore Oklahoma has 2 pages for lost and found items including lost photos from the storm.

Moore Oklahoma Lost and Found <– go here to find lost items that were blown away, and claim them here but remember to tag the survivors in the picture so that they know it is theirs.

Oklahoma Photo Rescue  <– go here to find the lost photos. Currently under construction is their photo website, which i hope should be up shortly. This has all photos which have been lost in the Moore Tornado. These photos meant a whole lot to people and their lives.

As they slowly rebuild their lives, this disaster will be forever impacted in their lives. It is a life changing experience. An experience for others to realize that the fruit of the spirit to come out. We need to hold them tightly in our prayers, because the road ahead will be long. Reclaiming their lost photos helps them, and they can begin to move on, bit by bit.

Pictures are what we take when we want to cherish moments. We take pictures of our firstborn, the birth, and every single thing in between. Then we move onto the weddings, family reunions and all family events. Yet this is one way we as humans do things. God on the other hand knows and sees the big picture.

God knows everything, our choices our decisions, our motives behind them. He has them recorded in such a way that it is. We may not see now why the this disaster is going to bring us closer to him. I know I am at a deeper relationship with Him now than I was beforehand. We are so determined sometimes not to understand the snapshot just recently taken with Moore, OK; El Reno, OK; Joplin, MO; Tuscaloosa, AL; Hurricane Sandy Devastation in the NE; and now the Wildfires in Colorado. The Fertilizer plant and tornadoes in Texas. Why these horrific snapshots? This is for us to glorify God in these hard things and to mature us. He transforms us by the Renewing of our Mind.  A transformation so unbelievable that it was God doing it not us.

A new word to those who may not realize that yes, photos mean a lot to us. But how will you reach out to those who need prayer from the recent 2 years of major disasters? How will you choose to help them transform into a loving photograph or a lovely painting. What will you do? ‘

For those who are still looking to be reunited with precious memories and precious photographs pray for strength endurance and most of all love during this whole entire process. This task is easy when it comes to reuniting those with their lost posscessions.

Will you pray for decisions for Christ of those who are unsaved? Will pray for Christ to be shining brightly through all the paintings and photographs? What is your Choice today to do?

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