Preparation, During, and Post Tornado…


We all need an emergency disaster box/tub prepared for the day when we have to go underground for a tornado or elsewhere in the states. This is highly important. Very Important as a matter of fact. The past several months has put this in perspective as we discuss how to get things ready for a disaster if one is to occur again.

FEMA has a wonderful website set up for every type of disaster and we need to know it and know it well.  In fact they have a sheet for building a safe room a room which will keep you and your families safe from the destruction outside. Some have kept in the garage while other have kept it outside of their home. The choice is yours as long as you follow the guidelines in how to keep your family safe from the storms.

There is Financial Aid for those who need it after a disaster. Even when you do have insurance on your home and such, apply at FEMA — to be given a number for anything, just for documentation purposes.

Emergency Bags are highly important in the Midwest especially in tornado Ally. Preparation is detrimental for us all. Preparing for these types of disasters once every year and knowing what we should do it serious. We must know that when the worst of Tornadoes hit, we are safe and families are safe.

Storm shelters  are highly important when protecting your family with their lives. Tornadoes are not to be taken lightly. They are very dangerous. Only those who know about tornadoes and are storm spotters who have been trained need to be out. Not the public.

Protection During the Tornado is very detrimental. Many times you want the shelter where you are at in you home to be open, but that isn’t always the case especially in light of what has happened the past few years. We have to be ready, so keep a NOAA Weather Radio in your shelter because you more than likely cannot go watch TV because the electricity is out. It may not even be plausible for you to come out of the shelter because of the high damaging winds around you or you are a few blocks from the tornado itself.

The Weather Channel has been very good of late with the detection of tornadoes in the Midwest and the Northern part of Alabama. Also give a round of a applause for the local weather stations. They are with it from the Beginning to the end of the tornado. Plus on the ground as first res-ponders.

Now that we have talked about what to do before and during a tornado. We need to discuss afterwards.

Post Tornado has many things to do for everyone.

1. If you are  a spectator in a city that Has been hit by a tornado. DO NOT GO INTO the DISASTER ZONE, Families need to be reunited. Due to the traffic after the Joplin tornado. It took until the next day in order to see my family.

2. Allow survivors to come out, and connect in order to help those who are hurt.

3. Be calm and patient, lines and towers may be down. Phone calls cannot go through. Texting may be the only thing to use.

Protection is vital, and how it is done. Interior Rooms may NOT EVEN BE ENOUGH, so be prepared. Even have a plan for protecting your pets during the Tornado.

This blog post ended up starting out as an emergency bag preparation, but wasn’t easy to do. So I finally figured out that it was best to do a pre-during-post tornado preparation so everything would be in one blog post. Many times you do not do something until you learn that it is detrimental to living.

These are all we need to do as humans need to get ready for a tornado. Yet there is someone else we need to involve.

God he is the one who is the true protector in our lives. He helps us through these devastating circumstances. He will also help you over come whatever circumstances that have been holding you back. Through this writing, He has helped me immensely because I know through Him, He protects me and my family, despite everything. 

Here is Psalm 91 New International Version something for you to grasp and learn while undergoing many of these trying circumstances.

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