Kids, Tornadoes, Fear, Anxiety, Ways To Cope

Proverbs 3.5-6

Kids who have been through the traumatic experience of a tornado or other type of disaster this world has to offer. Many of us just send them to a counselor to help them recover too. Yet we as parents also need to realize that we need to counsel them with God’s Word and what He wants us to do. 

Depending on the child’s age, I have found some Things from a website that may help parents help their children cope with the tornado disaster, and eventually dispense the fear of it, but turning to God. 

Grief Lesson Series and God’s Peace = My Peace are two resources that I have found online that a parent can help with children, grief and peace ad-mist fear in a very hard situation.  We need to be aware of how the children deal with grief, and know what they are thinking. Please let me remind you that sometimes if it is something you have to have a counselor for then take child to a counselor for this purpose. 

Yet I know God has told us not to fear, He is the God who ultimately cares for us, and will go before us. 

1 But now, this is what the Lord says—

There are many times in His Word He tells us not to fear. He is there…Chris Tomlin Wrote God of Angel Armies’
Chris in his Song reminds us when the God of angel armies will always continually be by our side.
Here is one of my favourite blogs I love to read. They deal with fear and from the Bible:
Here is another article with children and dealing with fear:
I have searched the internet and found well over five pages of ways to deal with fear, and these are just a few. This List could go on and on. But how do you help your child deal with fear? What do you do?
One thing I have noticed is that when we sing praises to God, He calms us down in the midst of the storm outside. We know that He controls it and He helps us control our fears.
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