St. Charles Missouri and the STL Area Tornado May 31 2013

Pray for all those affected on the Street of Haversham, in St Charles, Mo

Pray for all those affected on the Street of Haversham, in St Charles, Mo

Many recall the devastating tornado that  hit the El Reno, Oklahoma area on Friday night. Well as the tornadoes hit in Oklahoma — a tornado hit the STL area. I have family in the STL area. Thankfully my brothers house wasn’t hit, but his in-laws home was damaged, not destroyed. That doesn’t say the rest of the block got off easy they didn’t. Three homes were totally gone, destroyed. Many of them 2 level homes. It is hard to imagine but not a lot of relief is currently up in the STL area except for one Church.

Harvester Christian Church has a site to help with donations, but yet they cannot accept much at all. Harvester Tornado Relief is a facebook page for everyone to check out. They are very active on theirs just as Joplin, Tuscaloosa, Moore, El Reno are active on theirs. Saint Charles County also has a website up to help survivors.

This has been a very busy heck-tick season for storm chasers, who risk their lives to save many. Which reminds me of Joseph in Genesis. He was sold, the silver was that of a servant. He worked diligently, peacefully, allowing God to work on Him. Yet He was enabled by God to save the entire nation of Israel.

Where are you going to help the survivors of all the Disasters that the Midwest has encountered this spring? Are you willing to tell them the that Christ loves them? That he shed his blood on the cross to save people from their sins? He took our place and paid the debt we couldn’t pay. Like paying a credit card off when we were unable to.

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