Important Papers

Many of store important papers in our filing cabinets, but then disaster strikes, and we have to go hunting for them. I learned the lesson the hard way and not to store them in something like a dresser. 

A place where not to store important papers

A place where not to store important papers

As you can see this is a dresser. I am being honest with you, and letting you know that storing the important documents in a dresser isn’t the way to go. Yet God gave me a blessing in this. I stored my important papers  in one of the drawers of this dresser. Thankfully none of it was stolen during the night of May 22nd. I was able to get them that night. I didn’t have the money for a lock box, and I was working an hourly job at this moment in time. 

Should be placed in Storm Shelter

Should be placed in Storm Shelter

A lock box is highly important wherever you are at. Whether your house is in Tornado ally, NE and have Nor’Easters, the South with hurricanes, the west with forest fires and earthquakes. This is highly important we need to have all our important papers in one spot so we know what we have when we go back and do the inventory of our homes when the disaster strikes. 

My husband and I have talked and talked about this, and I know we will be planning on putting our important papers in a box so when a disaster strikes, we will have them. This includes birth certificates, Marriage license, Divorce decree, checks, social security cards, and anything important you need after the disaster. 

The lock boxes need to be where they can be placed in your shelters and are accessible for you and your wife/husband. Each needs to know combination and have keys if they take keys.  

When we think disaster will not strike us, and it does. We are human living in a fallen world, and Satan does everything to distract us from placing these items in a lock box and in the storm shelter. Yet we know that when we obey and do what God wants us to do we glorify Him. He knows what we need when we need it, such as a lock box for important papers and stuff. 

So What will you do? Do you have everything in a lock box? Will you go and get one so you can be prepared?

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