Scams and Natural Disasters

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Many of you have all seen what happens when a disaster hits. Everyone in the US flocks to help the survivors and everything. Yet there are those who go to help those who have all been through a disaster but with different intentions. They have come from everywhere. They have been where Hurricane Sandy, Joplin Tornado, Hurricane Isaac, Haiti, etc…

They ask for donated items such as wipes, diapers, and other baby items. Yet they do not use it for themselves, they go and return the items to Walmart or Target to get cash or gift-cards  so they can use it toward other items.

Here is the following steps to use when donating when a disaster hits:

1. Mark through Through with a ball point pen no sharpie (comes off with nail polish remover)Every UPC Code, on every Item you donate — This will not let them return the items to the stores.

2. Write the name of the Organization on the Product/Products so Walmart or Target knows where it came from and will not enable them to do the return

If you chose to donate, be very careful, Donate only to those whom you do know and what they stand for. When disasters hit, everyone has a heart for what has happened to the survivors but sometimes get carried away in donating and where to donate.

Here are also important places:

Samaritan’s Purse — They are very forthright in where their funds go, If you give toward the disaster relief it goes toward disaster relief…

Moore Oklahoma Lost and Found — finding lost items from the tornado — do not respond with disaster relief funds…

Restore Moore — based out of Joplin Missouri — Buy a T-shirt with Restore Moore on it for $20.00 and relief efforts go directly to survivors and organizations

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