Volunteering In Moore OK

How to be A helpful  Volunteer to survivors!

How to be A helpful Volunteer to survivors!

Yes we want to all volunteer in Moore Ok, but this time it is only for 10th graders on up due to the debris field.

Bringing youth younger than 10th grade is not good at all due to the nature of recovery. It is very hard work to work in the debris field. Please remember if you want to volunteer but are younger than the requested age. There will come a time when you can volunteer.

There is still things for those who are younger than 10th grader.

1. Make thank you cards for those volunteers who are serving.
2. Make bags filled with supplies such as deodorant, body wash etc…
3. Pray for the survivors who have survived the storm
4. Pray the volunteer group from your church group going

Volunteers are needed but of a certain age due to the work that is going on working in the debris field, and the type of equipment needed. Many times it is difficult and dangerous to go into ground zero. Dangerous for the fact there are nails all over, insulation blowing all over the place, amongst rain and all the lightening and thunder. This was very dangerous even in Joplin. Thankful that First Baptist Moore is taking care of their volunteers and hoping you will have an opportunity to eventually serve in Moore OK.

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