A New Beginning + Books for Survivors

I remember the days after the Joplin tornado. Shifting through precious little. Shifting through all what was left in my what was my world. My circadian rhythms were completely off. So off that I was waking up consistently at 3 am, for no apparent reason. I remember awaking one night tossing and turning for about five minutes. That night cell towers were still going crazy. Intermittently that night cell towers were going in and out with the signal frequency, so I got several messages that night. On that same night I received the message from Mark making sure I was there at my temporary home fine. Continually watching over me and loving me for who I am. Loving me in my hardest time.

There will be moments like these for the survivors and it will take time for them to get back into their sleep cycles. The children will struggle to sleep right. They will not have their special blanket or stuffed animal. They will struggle as everyone did during a disaster.

One point in time – Mark (boyfriend @ that moment in time– now husband) bought me a microsd card for my nook and placed a CD on it that I needed for my recovery. It was on my iPod and now i can listen to it on my nook color  Thankfully Mark put something familiar to me on my nook so I could listen to it.

As the survivors put their lives together remember they need love, pray, and for you to pray for them. They love to be able to tell their story even if they say it over and over and over again. Let them talk they need someone who wants us to listen to them. Survivors have so much to think about, and just a listening ear. In other words, we need to rely on God for the right words when consoling them.

There are several books to give to the survivors to help them recover:
A Bible
the NLT PROMISE BOOK for tough times. ISBN: 9781414312354 ©2011 by: Ronald A. Beers. Tyndale House
How Could A Loving God by Ken Ham ISBN:9780890515044 ©2007 by: Ken Ham. Masterbooks Masterbooks
an ANCHOR of HOPE in the MIDST of GRIEF A Scriptural Pathway through each Phase of Grief  By: Charity Mitchell ©2008. ISBN:97809804384 Calvary Publishing. Calvary Publishing

Today is the 1 week +   of the tornado, and it will take weeks and months for the people to recoup gain new ground in their lives. There is still much to do. Write lists of inventory for their insurance companies, to structure guys from the insurance companies plus temporary place of living for their families. Rerouting all mail, bills, and credit cards, everything and so much more. I know it will be hard to read books at this given in time but in time these books will help them in the recovery purposes.

These 3 books I received after my experience with the Joplin Tornado. Grief, Encouragement through the Hard times, and the question Why How God?

These 3 books I received after my experience with the Joplin Tornado. Grief, Encouragement through the Hard times, and the question Why How God?

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